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Friday, September 19, 2014

This picture doesn't have anything to do with anything But it's sort of boring and straightforward, just like this post. 

Hey guys! Time for me to talk about this blog, in a blog post. Yes. Best post ever. 

So, some new things: 

I added a more in depth about page. You can find it by clicking on the little circle with the words "about me" (Go figure.) If you've been reading this blog since the olden days, you probably already know all the stuff in there. If not, you can go and learn some more things like: where I grew up, and what exactly my degree is in. Boring about me ahoy! If anyone wants to write me an about in third person, I will give you a cookie. 

I also added a little list on the side of some random/favorite old blog posts. Things tend to get lost in the archives, and while I'm not a craft or food blog, and have no need to fancy categorized archives, you might miss out on some things that are lost to the ages. So. I will be switching those out from time to time. They're good for a quick read.

The website button is gone because I will be rebuilding my website. I just need to do some thinking about what I actually want it to be. Truth be told, this blog is a more active space for me. The website feels kind of stagnant. I know ultimately I would want them connected, but I just can't fathom moving to a different platform when I've put so much work into this space. If anyone has thoughts about that, or about website/blog dynamics in general (especially for artists), share them below! Or send me an email! Or quietly think about it and don't tell me anything! (No, not that one.)


Ultimately, this blog is a place for me. But you guys read it too, and so I feel compelled to ask, is there anything you wish I wrote about more? Or posted more photos of? Or anything? Who knows, maybe the very thing I've been debating about posting is the very thing you've been wishing you were reading. 

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