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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yesterday I went to target and walked out with (among other things) a pair of luxury pajama pants. I think there's something to be said for nice loungewear. Even thought it's 1 pm, and I technically never  got dressed, I feel pretty fancy

I know this space has been (really) quiet the past weeks. Sorry guys! My little brother was in town, which was so so nice. We kind of just hung around the house, I went to work, we ate out and cooked in and had dessert every night. And also went to the river. And watched How I Met Your Mother. (I've never watched any of it until now.) (That seems like a relevant note that needed to be noted.) 

So, now that he's back at school working really really hard, Steele and I are settling back into our routine. This is the second year the fall has come around and we haven't been heading to school. I feel so much more grounded and sane this time around. Even without school though, the changing of the seasons still makes it feel like a fresh start. We've been cleaning like crazy, forming better eating habits (We're going dairy free for the foreseeable future), I've been diving into a new job (in addition to Newspace, more on this later.) and working on writing more, and doing art. (More on that below!)

I'm ready for fall. I'm not ready for it to get dark at 5pm, but I'm ready to be at home and settle into winter. We signed a new lease on our apartment, so we're going to be here for sure for another year, which is a nice feeling. (And it means I get to continue obsessing over how to make our bathroom nicer.) 

So! Art! Writing! Life! Yes! I have fallen into a seriously bad habit of not journaling. At all. Writing makes me feel more like myself. Without it I fall into bad habits of obsessing over something totally meaningless and sort of forgetting what I want my life to be. So, I've been making it a habit to write a little bit at the end of each night and I already feel better. I also have some pen pals that I've been seriously neglecting even though they send me the best letters ever. (Hi Stephanie!) Here's to fall intentions and rituals. 

I also have a bunch of film to post and edit and work on. And I'm still (very slowly) working on a new body of work. (Two, really. Or maybe three. Who knows.) 

Anyways. This is all getting rather rambly. If you made it this far, yay! As a reward, more pictures!


  1. I just wanted to say that I read your blog regularly and always enjoy your writing. It calms me like a warm cup of tea. I'm impressed by how long you've kept this blog up and it must feel really rewarding to have a record of your thoughts and mementos and photos for all those years back.

    If you don't mind me asking, what layout do you use for your blog? I really admire the crisp, clean look of your blog. I would love to find a similar layout as yours :)

    1. Aw, thank you so much! That's so good to hear.

      As for my blog layout, it's actually just the blogger 'Simple' theme that I have put a lot of custom html and css work into. (Although you can do a lot with the customization blogger offers like making everything white, changing column widths, and adding a header, etc.) If you're not really into DIYing it and can afford to spend a little money on it, I would recommend Blogmilk for blogger themes. They have some really nice ones and they only sell a few of each so you don't have the same layout as a million other people.

      Whew! Feel free to email me with any other questions about it though.


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