lines and light and notebooks, and 'casual language'

Friday, September 12, 2014

Maybe this statement isn't true, but I think it's been a while since I made an image and enjoyed the pure act of making it and looking at it. I don't know why the two images above broke that illusion. They're just little scenes shot with my phone, but I realized I was spending a while just looking at them, and that I really liked them, and then I remembered. Oh yeah. I'm a photographer.

A lot of things are shifting around for me, some things clicking into place and other things tying into knots, and even more things making my stomach hurt.

Here's the thing. I've kept a lot of notebooks over the years. First, in school, they were for taking notes and making lists and ideation and project brainstorming. Also I mixed journaling in there. And doodling. Then afterwards they were for making lists and for writing short stories (like, really short you guys, like, under 500 words short) and for making blog plans and writing posts and things.

Every time a big change in my life was happening, I felt this need to start a new notebook. Like, starting a new notebook would be the thing. You know, the thing. But the thing was, I never actually needed a new notebook. I always had like, twenty pages left in my old one or whatever. Sometimes I bought a new one anyway. Sometimes I sucked it up and finished the old one.

Right now, my life feels like it's veering off into a new direction. It feels like a new start. It's partly the time of year, this fresh cool fall air and cloud cover every morning. It's partly because it's been two years since the beginning of my last year of school, and I'm finally feeling okay about that. It's partly because Steele and I signed a lease renewal and are staying put. It's partly because of some job things that I can't talk about yet but might be able to talk about later. (Don't get too excited, it's not fancy announcement times, it's just normal job shuffling things.) Okay, it's a lot because of that. Also Steele and I are attending a wedding next weekend. A wedding! On our own! It sounds so couple-y and grown up! It sounds so post-college.


My life is shifting. We covered that. And so, it's like, new notebook time. Metaphorically, of course. And then I realized. I realized I was on the last page of my old notebook. The last page. Seriously, my notebook-life and my real-life are lining up, for once.

And you guys, it feels magical.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

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  1. I absolutely do this, all the time. But then! Then when I need a piece of paper, I can just go through my old notebooks!


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