over & under

Monday, September 8, 2014

A few images from the last weekend Steele & I spent together before I started my weekend job. Just a few Portland!Now scenes for everyone's Monday night. (Or Tuesday morning, lets be real...) (And these are shot with the trusty Pentax. And everyone always likes to get all sophisticated and ask what type of film I use, and 99% of the time it's Kodak GOLD. Because, Ebay.) 

Right! Less talking, more photo-ing. 

Okay just a bit more talking. I just showed this to Steele and we had a little convo: 

Me: What should I title this blog post? Look! It has pictures of you!
Him: (Face of confusion.)
Me: Are you thinking of the title or looking at the pictures?
Him: Thinking of the title. How about "Over and under" 
Me: But there's nothing from under...
Him: Well we had to go under a bridge... 

(And yes, that last one does have an entire galaxy of dust on it. And yes, I do love it.) 


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