hello fall

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It's fall! Hi Fall! Hello leaves. Hello warm mug of tea at night. Hello warm mushy oatmeal in the morning. 

I'm feeling good today. 

Spent the last two days working on a new website. It's going to be super simple. But that's what I like, so, hello. 

This picture is not actually from fall. But you know, light leaks can do that to an image. It feels all fall-y regardless. 

Also you know what else is great about fall? Downton Abbey! Yes! If you watch Downton Abbey, alert me immediately, as no one I know watches it anymore. But I'll never give up on Mary Crawley, so, you know. 


  1. I love light leaks. Is there a certain way to create them? (I am not very good at photography, I draw usually)
    I see you got a domain name now, curious to see how your new website will look like.

    1. They mostly happen by accident. Either your camera isn't light tight and tiny bits of light are leaking through and exposing your film, or you open the camera while film is inside and accidentally expose the film. Mine is the latter. It usually happens to me when I forget film is in my camera, and when I go to put a new roll in there's already some inside. The first frames that get hit will be totally white, but light will sneak around and leak on other frames, like this one.

      Whew! I'm excited about the new site! It shouldn't be too long.

    2. oh it is something that only occurs with film?
      Guess that is why I never had it happen with my digital camera XD

    3. Haha whoops, I should have specified that :)

  2. Ha! I was just thinking about Downton! When does it start? I cannot WAIT for it. There's just something about it that draws you in so much more than similar shows.

    You know what I love about fall? Chai.


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