ingredients for today

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ingredients for today:

Half-sleep cuddles from Steele. 
Biking in the pouring rain to get to work. 
Bon Iver coming through the headphones on the rainy ride. 
(The only way to bear a windy rainy bike ride.)
And later, a meandering bike ride home. (Not as rainy.) (Stop for pictures.) 
And even later, a bike ride to the library at dusk, this time with Steele. 
Quickly followed by Chinese food, 
And a few (four?) episodes of How I Met Your Mother
Two glass of wine
Followed by the sounds of the heater (the heater!) kicking on, 
And the occasional page turn by Steele, reading the Hunger Games. (Mockingjay, in which we witness Katniss suffer from PTSD, but that's another blog post altogether.)
And lastly, the sounds of my keys on the keyboard, as I put the words together into something that makes sense, something that builds the day and makes it what it was. 

A day. 


  1. Sounds lovely, I love chinese food. I have been reading the Hunger Games too, it is so cool. I have read the first part only, I want to rent Catching Fire from the library. :>

    1. Ooo! I like it a lot. It's just a story that pulls you in.


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