the bee & the bear

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last night I had a dream.

There was a tiny black bumble bee on my bathroom windowsill. He was having a hard time flying and his little fuzzy bee body was just kind of sitting there. Meanwhile, down at my feet there was a black bear cub who was ambling around and just learning to walk. 

Somehow it was my job to keep them both alive. So I was feeding them honey. I put a droplet on the window sill and the bee went over and started eating it. I gave the baby bear a lot more than a few droplets, and then I let them eat for a while. I was just kind of getting sad, in my dream, about how I was going to keep them and raise them both. I was thinking, what is the lifespan of a bumble bee, how big does it grow? And also will a bear become violent when it gets older? Can I really keep this soft and silky little bear cub even though it might one day want to eat me?

Unfortunately I woke up before I figured out my next move. (Hopefully I got to keep the bumble bee and the bear and they both stayed safe and sound.)

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  1. That actually sounds like an amazing dream. And I love your drawings!!


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