Throwback Thursday

Thursday, October 2, 2014

This photograph is something special. It was shot with the first SLR camera I ever had, an old rickety Vivitar that worked only half the time. This is my little brother and me, dancing in my old bedroom. I had this futon on the ground, a desk leftover from a childhood bedroom set, a traffic cone stolen from the highway, and most obviously, my walls were completely plastered with magazine pages. Looking back I'm slightly horrified that my wall was basically a huge advertisement. At the time I thought it was cool though, so, you know.

We are dancing to Voxtrot's The Start of Something. It was 7:51, according the the clock that barely squeezed into the frame. This is what we did. This was my life. This photograph is probably the happiest I look during this period of my life. Probably because my brother made me (and makes me) the happiest out of anyone. Happy in the pure joy way. 

I remember when I got this film back from being processed, these were the only frames on the roll that came out. I scanned the images and put them on Myspace and then gave them to my mom and told her to put them somewhere safe. I loved them and I wanted them always. She misplaced them. I gave them up for lost. I forgot about them. Then this past may when I went home for mothers day, I was putting a box in the workshop and opened up another random shoebox. There were a few images inside, not too many. I shifted through them and then I had these prints in my hand. 

Photography is the most luxurious gift in the world. I am so thankful to have this memento.


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