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Monday, November 3, 2014

First, lets say a little word of thanks that half-and-half comes in hot pink cartons sometimes. (Go Alpenrose!) 

Okay moving on to business. 

The past weeks have been that strange combination of busy and not busy. You know the kind. Where in the moment, you feel busy, weighted with stuff to do. But then at night, in bed, when you're looking back on the day, you can't quite remember what it was that was weighing on you. 

Either way. 

There have been several blog posts I've been meaning to write. Below are the cliff notes versions. 

No.1 A post about bike transportation and how it makes me appreciate the world so much more--fall leaves, and the wind hitting my cheeks, and the silky puddles. (Also just appreciate that phrase for a second: silky puddles.)

No.2 A post about a screen shot taken from a Gilmore Girls episode and how it relates to my BFA thesis and, more overarchingly, my photographic work as a whole. (Yes this is real and will be happening.)

No.3 A post about the car accident (!) I got in. Spoiler alert: I'm okay. 

No.4 A post about atheism. (Actually I always mean to write this post and I can never get the words right and I always give up so there are a million drafts sitting on my computer and who knows if this will ever happen.)

No.5 A new set of film images. (No, I have to finish shooting my roll of film first.)

No.6 A post about my job. (I always want to write this post, so so much, but I try to refrain from talking directly about my job on this here little blog. So suffice it to say that I sometimes feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, I sometimes feel on top of the world, I sometimes wish I was still in school, and I sometimes wish I could skip to the end of this "book" (bad metaphor for life, you guys) and read how it all ends up.)

So lets see. I will definitely write blogpost number 2, maybe write blogpost number 3 (it won't be as cool and dramatic as if I'd written it the day it happened like I meant to), will hopefully one day write blogpost number 4, even if it takes me years. 5 will happen in due time, calm down. Number 1 can happen after number 5, there should be a great bike image on that roll of film. And number 6, well, we already talked about that didn't we?

Happy Monday everyone. I hope the rest of your night involves cookies, maybe a nice night shower, and a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. 


  1. Oh dear, glad to hear you are OK.
    I am mostly interested in No. 2, 4 and 6. But yeah you must feel like writing them I guess XD

  2. Oh my god am I with you on this. I feel so weighted lately with all my THINGS, but if you can post, sheesh, I guess I can too. Thanks for the cliffnotes. I love all of these potential posts and perhaps this perfect photo most of all :)


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