a note about those fall leaves

Monday, November 17, 2014

Portland couldn't make up it's mind this year. The leaves turned and started to fall, but the sun still came out and the temperatures were still high. It was still sunny and even though we tried, the extra blanket on the bed was just too hot. And then all at once we had about a week of nice clouded skies and that cool fall breeze.

About a week, until the air got winter-cold and the skies cleared and were filled with that harsh winter  sunlight (that sunlight that's always low in the sky and does nothing to warm you with the wind whipping at your nose and ears) 

Now the trees are bare and the skies are still clear and sunny, the kind of weather I wanted to leave in Colorado. I'm looking forward to that blanket of clouds, whenever it comes back. 

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  1. WOW that reflection photo with the leaves is gorgeous. Maybe desktop background worthy for this time of year for me. :)


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