pine-needle air

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I guess it's time to write about life and junk? Things like, what I'm grateful for and how pine-needely the air at the tree farm was today. 

I have some photos for you all, these black and white tree farm shots, but you know, I have to get the right words to go in front of them and all I can think about it how it feels like not much has happened in the past year, but then I compare this time last year to now and it all feels so different. (How's that for a run-on sentence for you?)

So, anyway, here goes nothing:

I'm thankful for. . . 

Light (always No.1)
Steele & our relationship
Run-on sentences (also comma overuse) 
My brother
And my parents
And my people (my people)
And all the people everywhere (you!)
Oh, people
I'm thankful for books
The ability to express myself (somewhat)
Also so thankful for the Gilmore Girls 

Okay! Now for the Tree Farm. Last year it was all snowy. Today it was all clear and sunny and bustling (Saturday morning tree rush) Hence the monochrome, I can't deal with sunny saturated color mostly. And I was not as prepared as the professional photographer that brought a strobe kit for some fill light ;) 

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