a story for seven years

Monday, December 15, 2014

Yesterday was our seven year anniversary. Seven Years. I just? Don't even know what to say at this point? Actually that's not really true, there are so many things I could say, but most of them belong inside of my relationship. I didn't write up an essay in advance or anything but I will say that year seven has been our best and that I've never felt more certain. 

Below is a short piece of writing I did about our nightly routine last week. It's strange, writing about this normal routine ended up being strangely poignant. I guess that's the everyday for you.  The photograph is a tintype we had made yesterday. We look so serious, I promise we are completely the opposite in every day life. Silliness is one of the very best things about our relationship. 

December 4, 2014

Every night after Steele and I have decided it's time for bed we go about our nightly routines. For him that means locking all the doors, plugging in his phone, talking off his shirt and getting into bed. I lope around the apartment. I always wash my face, brush my teeth, and put on face lotion. Sometimes  in weird orders. Oh, I take out my contacts. Okay, usually this is how it goes: I get into the bathroom, decided I won't bother with any of it, that I'll just take out my contacts. So I take them out. But then my mouth feels gross, so I decided I have to brush my teeth. So I turn the water on, but then it just seems silly to not wash my face, so I do. And then the moisturizer is the easiest part. While I'm doing all this, Steele is in bed. Then I'll brush my hair, go into the bedroom and get changed into my pjs (clean undies comfy shirt, sleep pants.) And then I turn all the lights off. 

Then comes the best part. the part where I slip into bed with Steele. His arm goes under my head and we cuddle and talk about the day, the next day, funny things. Sometimes we play a song. December is especially special because we have our advent candles that we burn down every day. So we can do that and see each other in the candle light. It's very romantic, as it were. 

Sometimes things happen differently. Sometimes I get my pjs on before my bathroom routine, or sometimes I make Steele wait to get into bed so that I can get in first. Sometimes, like tonight, Steele stays out with friends and I come home early and lay quiet until he gets here. (For the record, this is not sad, I like being lone at the house. I like to be quiet and still and calm by myself sometimes. I like to have ownership of the dark rooms from time to time.)

Those nights are sweet in a different way. They make me appreciate the other nights so much. They make me realize how utterly profound it is to have someone waiting in bed for you while you wash your face and brush your teeth. How wonderful it is to be held while you fall asleep. 


  1. Lovely words and photograph :)

    1. Thank you! I really like your site as well.


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