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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sometimes, lately, when I'm taking to a someone at a party that I don't know, I feel like I sound like I have it all together. Which is a ridiculous thought. (Those people should read this blog, because then they would know that I definitely don't have it all together.)

Tonight I participated in a Pop-Up show at Newspace. Every month the past gallery show gets taken down on a Tuesday, and the new show doesn't get hung until Wednesday. So one of the volunteers, Gwen, decided to do a Pop-Up show for Tuesday night only. I signed up to help out before hand. So today I got there at 4 and the gallery was completely empty. But then, over the next 2 hours roughly 50 photographers showed up and claimed a spot, hung their pieces.

I hung two new pieces. They're smaller prints then I would want for a larger show, and they're the first iterations (I have to think of them as rough drafts.) but here they are. And you know, I didn't have any long conversations with anyone about them, but people looked at them. People looked at them. And you know, read them and things. And I got a few nice comments. (Someone said they were fresh!) They existed in the real world, at least for a night.

I know I must have said this a thousand times, but it really is so wonderful to get work on the wall and have people talk about it. You can overthink things and over think things and over think things when they're alone in your head, and putting those things on the wall is so validating. Things, you know? It was also so nice to talk to other people there and enjoy the conversation. It was a lot of young people, a lot of volunteers, and even though the show wasn't perfectly hung with matching title tags, you could feel the enthusiasm.

More about this new body of work soon. More words. Better images. I just wanted to get this out there before I forgot about it.

So now I'm sitting on the couch eating off-brand Cheerios out of the box and watching the last season of the Gilmore Girls. I definitely don't have it all together. But I'm learning, I'm trying, that's all the dream ever was.

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