FOUCUS + 2015 resolutions

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hello fourth day of 2015. Hello January. Hello. 

It's funny, about a week ago (far far in advance of the new year ;) I sat down at my kitchen table and wrote out all of the things in my life I'd like to shift. (All the bricks, re: my post from December 23rd) I drew out this map. (A mind map, or a goal map, if you will.) It's nice to see that all of my goals are connected somehow. It give me hope that making one positive change could make a difference in other seemingly unrelated areas. 

I wrote about choosing a word for the year last January, in line with Ali Edwards &  Elise Joy. Though I won't be taking Ali's class or making a scrapbook with my word, or really anything along those lines, I still love the idea of having on overarching idea for the year that can help guide goals. My word for 2015 is going to be Focus. (With a capital F!) 

I like that it's direct. I like that it's an action word that can literally be put into sentences telling me what to do. (The way I decided on it was by journaling about what I wanted to do this year.) My word last year was a little bit more open ended. (Which for me, made it hard to focus (ha, no pun intended)  on making it a part of my life) 

To break it down, here is a list of more concrete goals: 

—I will rid myself of distraction. This is a big big big one. I spend way too much time scrolling aimlessly through instagram, reading blogs I don't care about, binge watching TV, etc. I'd like to fill those spare moments with the things below: 

—I will write every day. (This is what I'll be using my daily tracker to monitor.) This can be as simple as journaling, or more in-depth. I find that when I take just a few minutes out of my day to write I feel more like myself, and it fosters other creative habits. (Like drawing in my sketchbook, writing stories, posting blogs!)

—I will wake up and start the day early. This is going to be the hard one for me. I'm using a second tracker for it because I think seeing the little bits of progress with it will be motivating. Like writing, when I have time to myself at the beginning of the day, I feel much more grounded and so much less stressed out. (But I have the hardest time getting up early. Obviously part of this is going to bed earlier. But for some reason, I'm just a beast to get up in the morning, as Steele can attest.) 

—I will focus on creative projects: my new body of constellations, this blog, tiny weavings, writing, and getting out and taking photographs. (Hopefully more structured projects can stem from here. I thrive on projects with set numbers and deadlines.) 

—I will focus on budgeting. (This is a goal with Steele and we're really excited about it, hooray for being grownups. And hooray for spreadsheets.) 

—I will focus on eating healthy. Cutting out dairy is a goal of mine. Steele and I may attempt a Whole30, but either way we really need to get better about meal planning, etc. Is it just me or is meal planning one of the hardest parts of living on your own?

Whew. Okay. This is huge. This is so much stuff. But I have told myself for years that I won't make all of these resolutions that I can't possibly accomplish. And this year, I'm doing the opposite. These are (most of) the things in my life that I'd like to shift. I may not succeed, or I may make the smallest tiniest steps forward, but at this point I'd rather lay it all out there. 

Time to Focus.

p.s. If you made it through all of that, you're awesome! Leave me your email address and I will write you a haiku. (or you can email me and I will reply with a haiku!


  1. Love this. Your goals have inspired me to add more goals for my one little word this year. And oh man I love haikus.

  2. I love this. I'm working on resolutions too, one of which is eliminating distractions, too. Mostly it's about getting into the studio, getting my business in gear, writing more, and budgeting. Best of luck, dear!


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