Rabbits, etc.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Today several things happened, which I will detail below. 

No.1 I had a exciting and inspiring business phone call.
No.2 I held a rabbit.  
No.3 I had a critique for my Constellations.
No.4 I ran into an old (sort of) co-worker.

Okay, now details. 

No.1 Actually, per my no-blogging-about-work rule I can't talk about this one. However, I can say that it's extremely weird that I can use the phrase "had a business call" non-ironically. You guys, I literally was on the phone the other day (unrelated to today) and said, "I just have to run to the bank." How did I become this person and why do I sound like I should be wearing a suit when really, I'm just wearing the same clothes as always. 

No.2 I HELD A RABBIT. Furthermore, this rabbit had a harness and leash. I could not stop grinning. I was freaking out about this rabbit. I don't know if it was because I was a little giddy about the business phone call, or what, but this rabbit made my day. I will now demonstrate with pictures:

p.s. to the owners of the rabbit, I'm sorry for freaking out hardcore. 

No.3 I had a critique for my Constellations. They are coming along. They are coming along rather slowly, but after making 6 pieces I have a direction and I am going to keep pushing forward. The Newspace Volunteer Critiques are seriously one of the biggest things that keep me going and I am so grateful to this community. Here is a picture (that fellow critiquer Heather took): 

That's me, at the head of the table! 

No.4 I ran into an old (sort of) co-worker. This was a girl I knew from my customer service days. She worked for Danner also, but in the art department. She was one of the only people who I talked to there and connected with. It was nice running into her because she always makes me feel like I can actually pursue a creative living, which is a thought that should be running through my head more often. It's also strange and wonderful to run into someone who's not in your inner circle and just realize how far beyond your reach you can push yourself. 

Am I sounding like a motivational blog yet? Good, cause it's almost midnight. And that means it's time for midnight promises. 


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