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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hi guys. Believe it or not, I've been doing a pretty good job keeping up with my resolutions. (Even though that obviously hasn't been reflected here as I haven't posted in 10 days.) I've been writing almost every day, which has helped so much in making me feel like I actually know myself and am participating in my life. I've been keeping up at the gym and Steele and I are planning our Whole30 this weekend. (Eep!) Waking up early has been so-so, but I knew it would be the hardest one so I'm not losing hope. (It means a lot of late nights though, to keep up with work.)

Truth be told, I've been working a lot. Work fluctuates from week to week for me, so some weeks are lighter, but the past two weeks have been hectic. Two of the brands I work for (I work for 4 total!) have had respective projects that needed special attention. Unfortunately that hasn't left me much time for working on creative projects. (One of my more important resolutions...) But I did drop off 6 rolls of film, and started shooting another roll of black and white 220 in the Mamiya, so there's that. I've also got a Volunteer Crit coming up, and that always motivates me to whip out a few process pieces.

I realize this is all rather mundane, but it's what's running through my head right now. Nothing too poetic. Just the normal ins and outs of this life of mine.

Today was another one of those normal days. I had a few last touches on a project for work. A bunch of emails to send. I have to go into Pigeon Toe and then I'm going to the gym. I will get home around 7 and make dinner, and hopefully get to bed early so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great day :) 

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