the november versions

Sunday, March 1, 2015

In the beginning of November I took a weekend away with some friends. (It was me, Steele, Julia, Melina, Hannah, and Andy.) We rented a barn house on Airbnb, drove the six hours down and all piled in.

The house itself was a thing of wonder. Full of plants, tiny furniture, nooks, and knickknacks. There was a spiral staircase, a clawfoot tub in a bathroom flooded with light, a woodstove, and a waterbed (the bed Steele & I shared.) It was nestled in this little valley, and the leaves were just finished changing, all the colors were bright. Above the spiral staircase, next to the windows, was a little seat filled with pillows. It’s the detail I remember the most clearly. I would like to have a seat like that one day, at a window, overlooking a valley, with no purpose but just to sit.

It was there that I composed this list:

Things to remember—

Huge black lichen covered rocks
patches of green grass
clouds weaving in and out of blue faraway mountains
Sandy light pink rocks
Reading nook
Valley peppered with orange trees 
Neon pink clouds with plane trail
Potato steam, Andy cooking in the morning
Steele hugging me from behind
And kissing me on the mountaintop
The barn with the sunlit from behind
The white light in the bath
Julia’s Rothko window with the blue and yellow
Melina writing in her little white book
Air speckled with water droplets
Folding ravioli while Hannah reads trivia 

Some things have changed since that weekend and it feels a little strange to write about it in hindsight. I think that's why I've been delaying posting this blog. I've had these images developed and scanned for a few months, and it took me a few months to even process them. When I look back on them I am so happy that I got to spend this time with these people. They feel too beautiful, like images from another life.

This weekend was an idyllic other world, and it’s easy to imagine that if we just went back to the barn house we’d all be sitting there, the November versions of ourselves. I'd be in that window nook and Melina would be sitting and writing in her little white book. Steele and Andy would be on the deck, talking, and Hannah would be knitting at the kitchen counter. Julia would be prepping the ravioli, melting butter in the pan and running dough through the pasta maker again and again until it was paper thin.

We'd all be sitting down to that meal, passing the dishes around, Julia plating the ravioli and everyone trying the Radicchio salad. There would be wine, and laughter, and the fading autumn light.  


  1. Completely stunning, Brittany. Thank you :)

  2. Your photos are so beautiful :) What kind of Mamiya do you use?

  3. Lovely photos, I am waiting for a new update :D


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