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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

This past weekend I went out of town to visit AJ for her baby (!) shower. I got back late Sunday night and had yesterday and today off. Steele was also out of town, and he's not getting back in until tonight. As such, the past two days have felt like weird non-days that aren't real.

So anyways, I think I promised a log. I woke up and took this photograph at 8:41. When Steele's not here I tend to stay up too late in an effort to exhaust myself so I fall asleep without him. So the mornings can be a little sleepy. But I got out of bed this morning because I had a coffee meeting scheduled with Phil, my former thesis advisor.

I always come out of those meetings feeling a little more clear and steady. I still feel so shaky after graduating (as evidenced by many of my recent posts) and meeting with Phil or Mark or Karl always makes me feel better, like I actually have a purpose. Today was no different, and after Phil left I stayed and worked on a new piece.

After which I met up with Alex, who I met while working at Pigeon Toe, and who continues to be a friend. That sentence is so unbearably serious for Alex's personality. To give you some context, she is listed under "Alex Sparkle Princess" in my phone. She brought me the most glorious bunch of magenta sweet peas. (Please note: florists still appreciate getting flowers.) We got some food and hung out at the park watching for baby ducks but instead I became obsessed with this branch, and of course, my shadow.

Then I headed to Newspace to print the piece I worked on all morning. As always, there is something so nice about making prints and feeling in control of the process. (Is this how painters feel when they're mid brush-stroke?) I split a pack of paper with Jules and so had a larger size and better quality paper to work with.

Is this getting boring? Maybe?

Well, after I packaged my paper all back up, I headed home and opened the back door in the dusk light (I meant to photograph the grey sky, but forgot) and put the sweet peas into a tiny little vase. (I tried a jam jar first but it was too large.)

And then I cleaned, cooked a late dinner, watched a few episodes of Sex and the City, and read a little bit of fan fiction. (I'm having lots of thoughts about fan fiction lately.) I sat down to edit these images, and write this post, and now here we are, at the present.

I have a few last things to finish up the piece I made today, and then I will get in the car and drive the familiar drive to the airport, where I will kiss Steele for the first time in 5 days.

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  1. I like these logs, they give a good impression of your day. :) I always find things like these interesting to read. I am curious to see what others do on their day.


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