in which I make some proclamations

Friday, May 1, 2015

Because I feel a little bit like I'm stuck in place, I will force myself to think about this post from almost exactly a year ago, in which I was finally feeling a little bit like myself after 6 months of hell working a desk job. And while a lot of things are still the same (I still feel, rightly so, that this blog has been neglected. Maybe it will always be that way in the spring?) some things have changed. Namely how I spend my days. So today I will go put an apron on, and cut the stems off flowers, and haul natural debris around, and the sun will be bright and warm and I will drive home at dusk, and be grateful.

And I will try to be a little gentler on myself and let myself flounder a little bit, and mostly I will try to get back to digging deeply and figuring out who I am. For step one of that I present you with a self portrait I took about a week ago. I should really do a round up of the self-portraits I've taken since graduation. Most of them have been me, hiding. Or else they are shadow selves which is a whole other layer of hiding. There are the few where I am staring into the lens, but I'm always a bit awkward, like I'm staring into the eyes of a stranger. Starting a new series of self portraits is something I'm planning on doing. So more to come.

Happy May everyone.

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