when seemingly ordinary objects are transformed by light

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I'm not sure why, exactly, the view of this stop sign from behind made me pause and raise my camera to my eyes. I mean, I guess I do know why, it was the way the golden evening light reflected back from that cool metal. The tree behind it absorbed all the light instead. And so the sign became white while the tree became black.

And of course, there's the sentimentality of it. Steele and I were on a walk on Sunday evening. up through the fancy neighborhood that we live on the edge of. Every time we go for a walk in that neighborhood, our conversations are always centered around what we think of this house or that one, would we like to live there? Little tiny dreams. So anyways, I guess this photograph is a memento. Of that (somewhat) perfect day.

Steele and I rarely spend the entire day together. (Mostly a blessing, sometimes a curse.) Even on this Sunday we parted in the middle. He went to basketball while I went to the gym for Pilates. But we both came home and cleaned, meal planned, did laundry, listened to a podcast on the bed. The calm doings of an ordinary life. We went on this short walk before going to the grocery store.

That night I had a small panic attack about money. (Because obviously.) But I calmed down, and we made strawberry galette (the absolute best) and I continued reading Harry Potter. More calm doings. Now it's Tuesday, so that day is a little bit in the past. The galette is gone. But I still have this photograph.

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