river day

Monday, July 6, 2015

During our last critique, Ali pointed out that every single one of my new pieces has an image of some sort of body of water. I'm hardly the first person to be captivated by running water, the sea, puddles, or rain. But still I can't really deny that it's a subject that shows up again and again in my imagery. And looking back there are all these periods of my life that are marked by water. The river that ran through my hometown, the creek that fed into it, the swimming hole with the waterfall I stood under with Carly. The Willamette running through Portland, biking over it, photographing it at dusk, midday, dawn, evening. Our first drive into Portland by the Columbia. And all the drives that have followed.

But today I have images from one of my most recent trips to the Washougal. It is the river I visit most frequently, usually with Julia, Karoline, or Melina. Sometimes all of them. Sometimes new people. Sometimes Steele. It's a short drive from Portland up into Washington. It's rocky, slippery, the current is strong enough that you can float down it, but not so strong that you get taken by it.

I still find swimming to be such an odd thing. I'm not really all that good at it. Although I did beat Julia in a race ;) Mostly, I'm good at floating on my back. I'm good at letting my ears sink under the water so I can't hear anything, and looking up at the sky and pretending nothing exists but the trees and the blue. Pretending I don't even exist. I'm also okay at doing somersaults under the water. (That's just fun.)

Anyways, all this poetic rambling to set you up for this set of images that are really so normal. For all my poetics, this day was also so simple and ordinary. (In it's river-ness.) There were fruits and sunglasses and drives home with the music turned up so loud. Lots of jokes about swimsuit tops that fall off easily. Lots of laughter. We left when the sun was setting, the sky was that perfect shade of dusk blue. Julia and I pulled off the road to watch the sunset over a little valley. Then we made the drive home.

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