recording time

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sometimes I look down at my watch and it seems like it takes so long for the second hand to tick that I worry my watch is broken. It's like a tiny eternity happens in that second, but then, it actually is just a second, so actually nothing happens.

So then I just go about my day and my watch ticks along, one second at a time, and time doesn't stop, and never will, for anyone, anywhere.

(But oh I wish it would. I wish I could pluck that second hand from my watch face and freeze it and hold onto it like an insect wing until I was ready to start the counting process again.

I would put it in a teeny bottle and it would rattle around inside, and it would live on my shelf and no one would bother it, no one would see it, they would all be frozen and I would be the only person walking in a sea of ghosts.

When I put the second hand back my watch would be so happy, because watches are made for counting time. They don't know anything else and they feel quite useless without that laborious task of recording when each second has passed, each minute, each hour.)

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