Monday, October 19, 2015

I haven't been making images. I've been petering away in my studio once a week making little books, writing tiny stories and drawing tiny drawings. Gluing pencil shavings to scrap paper. I feel a little lost, a little anxious. I feel a little bit like I've lost myself, and when I feel like this it erases all the moments that I felt so solid and certain. When I feel like this it expands inside myself like a bubble I can't pop, and it takes over every crevice. It's not a bubble. It's a weight.

I don't feel like an artist. I don't feel like anything.

But I know there's something there, there always is. I just have to peel the petals back and I'll find it. I'll find it. Something.

For now I'm going to have to choose to pick up my camera like a dead weight and lift it to my eyes. Light. Magic.

It'll get lighter.

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  1. Tiny stories and tiny drawings are also suitable material for your blog I think, I am curious to see them.


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