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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Three years ago I made a photogram of a spoon. I did a post about it here. The post doesn't really have good photos, just over filtered Instagram shots, but I still like the writing:

"And I went into the darkroom (semi-begrudgingly, it's like going into a hole.) and put this plastic spoon on some photo paper, and made some photograms. Purposefully underexposed, they turned out beautiful and erie. Metallic? X-ray? Non-spoon?

Hollow space."

I've been meaning to make more photograms like that ever since. Whenever I was strapped for ideas I thought about it, I really need to get back into the darkroom and make more photograms, I thought. But I never did it.

But then, probably because I moved into a new studio and needed to at least appear as if I was making new work, I did it. Ironically only a few weeks after I left Newspace and wrote my sad darkroom essay.

So I found myself back in the hole, with the same agitation method as always, still not able to wait before one print was through the fixer to put new one in the developer. Still mesmerized by the reflection of the safelight on the trays of chemicals. Still myself.

I had been holding onto some broken cups, the last remains of a set of juice jars I found in free box on SE 28th. My dad was visiting at the time and he helped me carry them home. They're the thinnest glass, so delicate that they would break if they fell over in the sink. I had two left the first night I was in my old studio. One broke. I put it on my desk with it's little piece of glass inside. And then I was down to one. I staunchly refused to put it away and kept using it, mostly as a wine glass. Until, of course, it cracked. Now it lives at the studio too.

The other thing is just a jam jar, but the bottom broke out of it in such a way. And I like the idea of broken vessels. Something that's meant to hold things, that can't hold things. So broken. A broken purpose.

These are the artifacts I arranged on photo paper, cracked cups, and broken shards of glass. Remains of something. Non-mattering. Non-cups. Like an archive. A record.

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