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Friday, December 4, 2015

This morning I woke up alone. Steele had left for work already. Ali had spent the night and I could hear people walking about. I'm kind of a sleepy beast in the morning, and it takes me forever to actually wake up. If I have the time, I'll spend an hour in bed after I wake up, just laying there, looking through my phone, adjusting to being alive. This morning though Ali peeked her head around my door and came and snuggled with me. And then Julia joined us, and tried to get Ali and I out of bed to get bagels. We're kind of stubborn though so it took a while.

It was entirely ordinary.

I have the feeling though, that it will be the kind of morning I'll look back on with a little bit of wonder. It wasn't perfect. It's not perfect. Friendships are hard. But I know it will never really be like this again. We're in that sweet spot where we're adult enough to pay our rent but still end up laughing and squished in bed together.

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