12 for 2015

Friday, January 1, 2016

I haven't had the time to properly reflect on the year. Honestly it's throwing me off a little bit, hence why this is coming at you late. I promise (a promise more to myself than to you.) that I'll have the time to write a lot more about this past year this weekend. Until then, images, by month:

January, in the parking lot of my then day job.

February, flower confetti.

March, at a visit to the coast.

April, outside our apartment.

May, arranging sweet peas the day before Steele proposed.

June, in my brand new studio.

July, light lines in the apartment.

August, an empty wine glass at my birthday party.

September, at our new house with Julia and Melina.

October, in the sun room.

November, at the studio of an artist I work for.

December, playing with cattail fluff in the studio.

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