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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February was a busy month, my dad and brother visited, it was Valentine's Day (busiest time of the year for a florist) and I got sick in the middle of it. I feel behind on pretty much all my goals. Didn't make it to the studio 15 times. (Or January either.) Didn't read a book every week. (But I did manage a few, got pretty obsessed with The Big Short for a second there.) Still haven't lost 15 pounds. (But I have been making it to Pilates at least once a week.) Still haven't instilled my electronic free day. And I'm definitely still an anxious person. Duh.
I haven't been photographing too much. It used to be the norm for me to take photos every day. Sometimes a few. Sometimes dozens. But lately I barely have more than a few iPhone shots to show for my life. I also haven't been journaling too much. I just had this moment yesterday where I realized that I wasn't going to remember any of these days. Which is a shame, because there have been some good ones. So I just wanted to do a little account of recently.

Life has been full. I've been spending a lot of time with my friends, my roommates, my little family. It's a strange and wonderful time but I'm so happy when we sit down together for family dinner, or sing Disney songs while cleaning up the kitchen, or watch a movie and talk through most of it, or eat the breakfast one of us (usually Julia) has made for the rest of us. I know it's never going to be like this ever again, so I'm trying to cherish it as much as I possibly can.

Wedding planning is full steam ahead. It's sometimes stressful, usually just tedious, and oftentimes really exciting and happy. My head is so full of wedding stuff, which feels pointless sometimes, but it's the way it is. Here are some plot points: We have a date, and a venue, and will have a caterer once the check and contract gets mailed off. I have a dress, and have ordered shoes, and the dress is getting tailored. We bought fabric to make napkins, and we need to book rentals, and finish writing the ceremony. The flowers need to get figured out and ordered. (Yay for bffs who are florists! And bffs who make cakes!) We need to order our rings and get all the legal stuff figured out. My bridal shower is happening in two weeks! So many tiny details. Seriously this is taking over my brain you guys.

The sweetest bit of it all is Steele. Finding time together in a full house is sometimes a challenge, but I'm happy for all the pockets of time we do get. Our relationship is feeling so strong right now, which is something to rely on. (But not something that I take for granted, ever.)

I've been trying to get into the studio as much as possible, but it's been tough. I'm not really working on a project so it makes my time here kind of aimless. I've been at a loss with what to work on, sort of, but I had a visit with Phil yesterday which is always good for my mind. I spent a rejuvenating few hours in the studio after he left, posted the blog from yesterday, and took some photos that I'll share soon. Here's a little peek:
That's all for now. I just don't want to forget any of this.

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  1. So beautiful, Brittany! I'm glad life is treating you so well.


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