April 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Portland weather has been wearing down on us lately. It's been a very cold, very wet spring. Yesterday we got home from work and it was misting and chilly, and when I got out of the car my coffee cup fell onto the driveway and shattered. (Now I absolutely must buy a real travel mug.) I stood there, defeated, and Steele said, "Well you better take a picture of it."

So I did. And once I had my camera out I realized how beautiful the evening was. Cold. But covered in mist. So I traipsed around the yard and photographed the tiny gems.

For some reason it made me want to write here. Even though it's been months, and before that my posting was sporadic at best. I recently let my brittanyvchavez domain expire, and as such had to do some upkeep over here, changed the header and put some new links in the sidebar, etc. I miss this place.

Life right now is steady, but it can often feel relentless. The endless cycle of wake-eat-work-eat-sleep can feel oppressive. Steele and I are over here in our little house just chugging along and though there are many many moments throughout the days that make it all worth it, moments that I want to save, I haven't done a very good job of documenting. I'm not doing a good job remembering.

So here are some recent good things:

All the blooming trees
Steele making my coffee each morning
Sylvan Esso on repeat
Book club with Rylee and Melina (Also, reading)
Facetimes with Jules
Anytime Ali hugs me
Daylight savings time! (I would be going insane without this one.)
Sour gummies
Kate & Peter being back (Re: Sour gummies)
Tiny blips of sun

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