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From today! September 19, 2014

If you guys ended up here, you're probably more curious about who I am and what this blog is actually about. Well, my name is Brittany (V for Victoria) Chavez. I'm from Colorado, and I started this blog right when I graduated from high-school. I lived in a tiny mountain town where my house was miles from everyone I knew and I still didn't get my drivers license until I was 17, what's up with that? I moved to Portland, OR for college and arrived in August 2009.

From our Thesis Exhibition, May 2013. 

I received my BFA, with a concentration in Photography, from the Oregon College of Art and Craft in May 2013. From 2009 until 2013 school consumed my life. I spent those four years making work, building relationships, and learning to call Portland my home. School was a deeply influential part of my life and though it has put me tens of thousands of dollars in debt, I can't imagine my life going any other way. My last year of school I completed a thesis which I had to present and defend to receive my degree. I documented that year with a 365 project, in which I posted a blog everyday. Find those posts tagged with 365

From my 23rd birthday (Photo Cred for this one goes to Zach Archer)
Road tripping back to Colorado in 2011. This one still gets me, every single time. 
You'll see a lot of my boyfriend Steele on this blog. Steele is also an artist. (He draws!) Our anniversary is December 14, 2007. We've been together since high-school. (Trust me, I know how insane it is that I'm still with my high-school "sweetheart") I was sort of a loner in high-school, and Steele was really cool. He thought I was mysterious. I thought he was really nice and we would totally be able to be friends once we broke up in a few months. Seven years later…. Our relationship is one of the fixed points in my universe. We put a lot of work into it. It's real, raw, and honest. I wrote an essay about it here: There is always tending to be done.

I've been blogging for almost five years now. I am at heart a documenter. I've been writing journals since I was eleven. It has always been a way for me to process my life. I still have a few ways of journaling. I have a real, pen & paper journal. I have a great app on my phone that I use (Day One!). And I have this blog.

Truthfully this blog is the best way you can get to know me. There are many things I've written and posted, probably some of which I've forgotten about. I am a real, flawed person, and this is my account of a tiny life. It is filled with insecurities, happiness, sadness, images, and stories.

I like windows, puddles, and collecting rocks from the places I've been. My favorite meal will forever be pasta, especially with cheese on it. I adore reading and prefer getting lost in a good book to almost anything. (I'm also one of those freakish people who can read in any situation: while driving, flying, with loud noises all around me, while walking, listening to music, etc.) I love Portland and the deliciousness of feeling at home here. I eat lemons straight up.


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